Documentation from MAD as MAP: a group exhibition at News Of The World, Deptford, London with Jaf Yusuf, Karanjit Panesar, and Georgia Gendall. Images Rosie Taylor and David Owens. Penultimate image from 24Hourwindow, Glasgow. 

Border 1 (After MS Word) (2019) Acrylic Plastic, and vinyl transfers.

Piazza (Reclaimed and anagrammed shop sign #1) (2019) Acrylic plastic.

The work is part of a series which uses reclaimed shop signs from former businesses anagrammed into new words; a simple action that gives the letters a new future. This particular shop sign, from a pizza takeaway, was formerly visible from the artist's bedroom window and was acquired directly from the shop owner. The owner was keen to see the letters go, despite having originally commissioned them and running the takeaway for over 10 years.

Happy Place (2019) Neon sign, carabiners, chains, and acrylic plastic. 

The face shown is derived from a colouring book of famous artworks. This specific vector line drawing is taken from Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. Showing the eyes, nose, and mouth only, with the work isolating the often remarked about stare and smile. In the French language, Da Vinci’s work is known as La Joconde, meaning the happy or the jovial one. Here, the neon is mounted as a sign, like those found outside bars and restaurants across Europe.

Fotocopias (2019) Neon pink A3 risograph print, edition of 50.

An edition of risograph prints using a photograph taken of a sign for a photocopy and print shop in Barcelona, Spain. 

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